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Credit Card Authorization Form 

We no longer accept credit cards!  In June of 2006 our credit card processor called us to inquire about a higher-than-usual charge to one of our long-standing client's card.  We applaud this part of the conversation. They were unable to contact our client because she was out of town.  The processor demanded copies of our invoices, which, because they contain private and confidential medical / patient information, is illegal for us to disclose without the client's WRITTEN consent.  When faxed a copy of the Business and Professions Code Section pointing this out, the processor told us that if we did not fax the demanded invoices within two hours, they would "shut us off".  Since it would have been a misdemeanor for us to do so, with possible loss of my license, not to mention a violation of our private and confidential relationship with our client, we refused.  The processor not only shut us off, and withheld clearance of our valid charge, but withheld all other undisputed and unrelated transactions that were in process for ten days.

Upon returning home, our client greatly appreciated our stance, and filed a formal complaint with Mastercard.  Unfortunately, utilizing PayPal for credit card transactions continues to put us in the same boat.  We happily accept checks, cash (Canadian included), money orders, bank wire transfer, first born, and possibly even a trade or two.



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